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Inspiration, celebration, qualities of God


An inspirational message that will lead you to celebrate God’s presence, power, passion, protection, and promise.

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Confidence in Christ


Unlock the key to becoming confident in Christ and discover the results of living a life full of His confidence. Sessions can include: Divine Confidence; Daily Confidence; Daring Confidence.​


Community, relationships, fellowship


A funny and touching message that will challenge you to discover how God created, called, and equipped you to live your life in community. Great for a one night women's event called In the Company of Women. Or a retreat version of this topic, called Devoted, utilizes the book of Ruth to show what it means to live in "covenant community." Sessions can include: An Unlikely Pair; His Loving Kindness;  To Redeem a Life.


Spiritual formation, Bible study, faith, life's interruptions


Find insight from those who walked with Jesus and learn how to bring your life into alignment with God’s plan and purpose for your personal journey. Sessions can include: Celebrate the Journey; Faith for the Journey; Friends for the Journey; Interruptions on the Journey.



Simplicity, wisdom, the Kingdom of God, coping tools

The essence of discipleship and spiritual growth is assimilating knowledge and wisdom that become a part of who we are, how we approach the Christian life, and the way we advance ministry for God’s Kingdom. This topic will challenge you to live according to God's design in your actions, attitudes, and priorities through simple truths called "Lifelines" like: keep Christ the focus, handle God’s Word, rely on a Sovereign God, understand Kingdom roles, regard discipleship as a privilege, and live life in community.


Satisfaction, Samaritan Woman, Living water

Jesus came to offer “Living Water” to thirsty souls. In a thorough study of the Samaritan Woman in John 4, discover the only source that will bring true satisfaction to your life. Sessions include: New Water for a Thirsty Heart; New Worship for a Filled Heart; New Witness for an Overflowing Heart.​

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